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When Your Child Needs Surgery, Here Are Tips for Parents

For many families, paediatric surgery is a frightening but essential condition. While the child may be the one undergoing surgery, parents might be just as concerned about the process. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to assist both parents and children in preparing for surgery. These pointers will assist in making […]

Obesity Prevention in Children

Obesity is a major health problem that can lead to heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, sleep apnea, and other problems. Obesity is a problem, and the cause is a low-nutrient diet combined with a lack of physical activity. It is inherited and difficult to manage for some, while it grows with age for others. Obesity […]

Changing Weather and Child Health

Changing Weather and Child Health: Article by Dr. Rushikesh Kute – Pediatrician in Nashik When the season changes and the drop in warmth, the rise in pollutants produces absolute states for infective people like viruses and bacteria to rise. Allergens and fungi also add to it all. Respiratory infections, viral and bacterial, allergic bronchitis, asthma, […]

Treating Your Child’s Ear Infection

PEDIATRICIAN IN NASHIK- Dr. Rushikesh Kute An ear infection is one of the most basic diseases that children have to deal with. Most children underwent at least one ear infection by the time they are five years old. It is necessary to know the major symptoms of an ear infection, as well as when you […]

How dads can help post-delivery!

When a baby is born, many dads are not sure what they can do to help mom. For them, it seems like all the baby wants is a mom and the breast-feeding. Dads can feel overwhelmed and helpless and, honestly, clueless as to what they can do to help mom and baby. This post will […]

Pediatrician in Nashik

Pediatrician Pediatrician: Pediatricians are experts who handle the health of your child, including physical behavior, and mental health issues. They are trained to diagnose and treat childhood diseases, from minor health difficulties to critical conditions. Why do you need a Pediatrician? A pediatrician is a doctor who provides professional medical care to infants, children and […]

चांगल्या अारोग्यासाठी चिमुकल्याला करा मखमली स्पर्श

चिमुकल्यांना जर बरे वाटत नसले तर ते त्यांना कळत नसते. पण त्यांची कुरकूर सुरू असते. बदलत्या ऋतुमानानुसारही त्यांच्या अाराेग्यात बदल हाेत असतात. चिमुकल्यांना जर बरे वाटत नसले तर ते त्यांना कळत नसते. पण त्यांची कुरकूर सुरू असते. बदलत्या ऋतुमानानुसारही त्यांच्या अाराेग्यात बदल हाेत असतात. म्हणूनच बालकांच्या चांगल्या आरोग्यासाठी त्यांचा आहार-विहार आणि एकूणच दिनक्रम कसा असावा [...]

General Pediatrics

Pediatricians in Nashik If the best pediatricians treat your baby.Looking for the best pediatrician in Nashik? Rudra Clinic in Nashik .has a team of best pediatrician and child specialist for your baby. Nashik has a healthy environment all year round, but lately, rising temperatures and pollution levels are combining to make our children fall sick. Apart [...]