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The response to a disaster situation will vary dramatically depending on the type of disaster, the number of casualties, and the ability of the affected community to respond. Preparedness to assist severely injured children is an issue of utmost importance. Few physicians are prepared to handle a large number of injured patients, much less a large number of injured pediatric patients.Personnel skilled in trauma response are essential to a successful disaster response.


Initial strategies in managing a disaster situation include:recognizing the area where the event took place, classifying injuries, and directing the affected individuals according to the severity of the injuries or damage (triage). Assisting a pediatric population presents additional challenges, because children may not be able to talk, are overcome by fear, or they may have been separated from their families.

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They may also suffer lesions that the rescue personnel are not familiar with, such as crush and blast injuries or hypothermia. Providing treatment and transportation for these injured children should occur according to established priorities and available resources. Children with severe trauma often require immediate first aid before being transferred to an emergency center